November is Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month

The medical condition hyperhidrosis is when the body sweats four or five times more than normal. When sweating is this extreme it can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and anxiety-inducing. It can disrupt all aspects of a person’s life. Luckily, we have many treatment options available to our patients!

  • Prescription strength topical antiperspirants and oral medications.
  • miraDry® is a non-invasive procedure that permanently reduces underarm sweat. Even better news, purchase a miraDry package (2 treatments) & receive an Alastin INhance to help decrease post treatment swelling ($55 value!) in November!
  • Botox for hyperhidrosis is an option for underarms, palms of hands and hairline. The sweat-blocking response time is usually 2 to 4 days after treatment and lasts for 9 months.

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