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QWO Cellulite Injectable

Qwo® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for the treatment of cellulite in women.

Dr. Carolyn Jacob and Dr. Omer Ibrahim, along with Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology’s Research Department, were one of the few practices in the US to be selected to participate in the FDA-trials that led to Qwo’s approval. As a result, they are one of the first Physicians to gain early expertise in the injection of Qwo prior to its FDA-approval.

What is Qwo

Qwo is a non-surgical treatment clinically proven to reduce moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.

How it works

The enzymes in Qwo (collagenases) releases fibrous bands, redistributes fat cells, and stimulates growth of new collagen.

What to expect

Qwo is administered in a series of 3 treatments spaced 3 weeks apart, with visible results 28 days after final treatment.

What causes cellulite?

• 90% of adult women of all shapes, sizes, ages and races have cellulite, so you're not alone!
• Cellulite is NOT your fault nor is it caused by fat, diet, or lack of exercise.
• Cellulite appears when fibrous bands pull down the skin’s surface, causing those signature dimples.
• Women with thinner skin and more enlarged fat cells may have more noticeable cellulite.
• Topical treatments may temporarily smooth cellulite, but they don't get to the root of the problem.

How does Qwo work?

• Enzymes called collagenases target the structural causes under the skin, where cellulite starts.
• Qwo contains collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen which the fibrous bands are primarily composed of.
• When the fibrous bands are dissolved, the cellulite dimple is released revealing a smoother skin surface.
• Qwo targets directly at the source of the cellulite, which offers little to no downtime compared to other cellulite treatment options.


Women most ideal for Qwo treatment have distinct cellulite dimples (moderate to severe). Qwo does not help wavy, textural changes which could be confused as cellulite, but is actually skin laxity/looseness.

Qwo is currently FDA-approved for cellulite dimple treatment of the buttocks in women. However, there are currently ongoing studies evaluating treatment of the thighs, so stayed tuned!

The most common side effects of QWO include: injection site bruising, pain, areas of hardness, itching, redness, discoloration, swelling and warmth in the treatment area. Bruising is a common but temporary side effect. It is most noticeable during the first treatment, and tends to be more mild with subsequent treatments. CCSD uses and recommends Alastin INhance Post-Injection Serum which helps accelerate recovery from post-treatment bruising and swelling.

Pain is mild to minimal during the Qwo procedure. Patients have reported them to be similar to having Botox or facial fillers.

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