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What is Emsculpt?

We are proud that CCSD was one of the first in the country to offer Emsculpt body contouring treatments. 

Emsculpt is an exciting and new non-surgical body contouring treatment that uses high frequency, electromagnetic energy to create supramaximal contractions of the muscle, which decreases fat on the abdomen and causes muscle growth to the abdomen, buttock, calf and arm areas. It can treat people with BMI less than 25, who would not be candidates for other fat reduction treatments. Current data has shown that Emsculpt can decrease separation of the abdominal muscles post-pregnancy (also known as rectus diastasis) by 11%, decrease fat by 19% and increase abdominal muscle mass by 16% thus improving tone!

Emsculpt is a great stand alone treatment, but is also a must for anyone also having CoolSculpting® to the abdomen, Thermage FLX to the abdomen, Thermi RF to the abdomen, and for moms who want a non-surgical tightening of the abdomen postpartum.

We are excited to be one of the first practices to offer this promising new procedure!

Emsculpt is perfect for people who want to get an edge on their workouts, people who want to enhance their lipo or CoolSculpting results, people who want strong abs and can’t get them on their own (no matter how hard they try!), and people who want to lift and tone their buttocks (who doesn’t?). We now offer Emsculpt treatments for the calves and arms!

Patients will need 4 treatments – 2 per week for 2 weeks. Maintenance treatments will be needed to maintain results. After 3 months, patient should get monthly treatments.


Emsculpt is a non-surgical procedure. It’s performed in-office by one of our highly trained Physician Assistants without the need for anesthesia! You may experience sore muscles, but this is temporary.


Emsculpt treatments take 30 min for the abdomen and for the buttocks.

“No other device uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to create a positive change in the shape of the body. Emsculpt is painless, effortless to perform, and can be added onto other treatments that patients are already coming in to have (such as CoolSculpting or Thermage). Plus, no other technology has yet to show changes in muscle tone, a KEY part of our wellbeing and physique. Imagine if we can improve posture, strength and reduce diastasis for sufferers, for the long term improvement of our health. We’re just at the beginning of learning how much this new technology can do for our patients!” – Dr. Carolyn Jacob, Medical Director of CCSD

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